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The Industry Experts

Are you looking for cooperation with people who understand your industry in detail? Are you looking for a partner who is not just talking concept from 10,000ft level, but understands process details and can talk with competence on the shop floor and in the board room. In this case, we welcome you to Lignum Consulting, the industry experts with proven experience in the woodworking and panel processing industry.


Improve by asking the right questions

By:Sepp Gmeiner Tuesday, 02. September 2014

Companies ask me to implement Lean, introduce advanced technology, or improve productivity.  These kinds of objectives are all in my "wheelhouse" and I am passionate about implementing these tools.  Often it...


more efficiency through lean production and kaizen

By:Thomas Betz Wednesday, 03. September 2014

On 19 and 20 April 2013 the company organized an in-house trade show and a gala in the city hall to celebrate its 65th company anniversary. Lignum Consulting in collaboration with NWI and the Otto Kind GmbH worked out the topic...


US market is regaining strength

By:Georg Frey Tuesday, 02. September 2014

“The market is regaining strength”, is the positive feed-back from the 2014 IWF in Atlanta. Increasing numbers of visitors with real buying objectives show, that the industry is definitely picking-up speed again. Many companies...