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Name of the company

Lignum Consulting

Legal company identity

GmbH, HRB 581084

Registered office of the company

Am Wasserturm 23
74635 Kupferzell


Dieter Rezbach


Dieter Rezbach, Kupferzell
Dieter Haas, Obersulm
Martin Kohnle, Bühlerzell
Peter Weinmann, Crailsheim
Georg Frey, Solms 

General policies and legal notices

The Hamburg district court ruled on May 12, 1998 that homepage owners may share liability for the contents of sites to which they have provided links.  The court decided that this can only be prevented by expressly dissociating oneself from such content.

We emphasize herewith explicitly that we have no influence on the design and contents of the linked pages/files. Accordingly, we hereby distance ourselves explicitly from the content of all linked pages/files on our website and emphasize that this content is not our own. This statement applies to all links displayed on our website.  The author of this website does not hold any responsibility for the manner in which the information provided here is used.
Linked external websites/pages are usually shown in a separate window, or shown only in pure text form.

All used names, product names, and graphics remain the property of the respective owners.

After having received consent, this website may be linked, provided an informal approval by the author was granted. The link has to open in a separate window.

Additional information:

Company "Lignum Consulting" strives to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of all information and data contained on its website.   A liability or guarantee for the topicality, correctness, and completeness of the provided information and data is however excluded. This also applies to all other websites referred to via a hyperlink. Company "Lignum Consulting" cannot be held responsible for the content of such websites, which are reached through such a link connection. According to § 5 section 1 of the TDG (German Teleservice Act), we are only responsible for our own contents. Furthermore, pursuant to § 5 section 2 of the TDG we shall only assume liability, if we have definitive knowledge of an illegal or criminal content and if it is technically and reasonably feasible to prevent such knowledge.  Furthermore, we are not obligated to verify regularly the contents or information of third parties on illegal or punishable acts.  As soon as we are made aware of any illegal contents from third party websites, the relevant link will be removed from our website. We expressly state that we have no influence over the designs and contents of the linked websites. Accordingly, we hereby distance ourselves explicitly from the contents of all websites and pages linked from our entire website, all our pages. This disclaimer applies to all links on the homepage as well as the contents of the pages these links or banners lead to.  Should the contents of these Internet offers violate applicable copyright or trademark law, they will be removed as soon as possible after the notification.

The content of this website is protected by copyright. All information and data, including but not limited to texts or parts thereof or images shall not be reproduced without the prior consent of company "Lignum Consulting" All information or data, their use, and the registration on the website of company "Lignum Consulting" as well as any actions, tolerations or omissions associated with the website of "Lignum Consulting” are subject exclusively to German law.  Place of fulfillment and sole jurisdiction is Künzelsau.

Address and communication data for the publication and responsible person for this website in the sense of the German Media Act:

Lignum Consulting GmbH
Am Wasserturm 23
74635 Kupferzell

Telefon 0049 7944 941970
Telefax 0049 7944 941979

Contact email address:

Privacy policy

Confidentiality of data

Company "Lignum Consulting" respects the privacy of its users. It treats user personal data with confidentiality and provides data to third parties only to the extent permitted under data protection or with the agreement of the users.  Company "Lignum Consulting" draws attention to the fact that personal data of its users are processed electronically.


Company "Lignum Consulting" is entitled to provide third parties including advertisers with anonymous user information for demographic purposes.  The anonymous data may be used by company "Lignum Consulting" also for the preparation of statistics, trend recognitions, quality assurance, and market research.


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