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2015 - click for more info

Succession plan USA
Georg Frey resumes the general management from Eberhard Reyer.

2004 - click for more info

Lignum Consulting Inc. starts the Canadian subsidiary, Lignum Consulting Corp. with an office in Toronto, Ontario.

2003 - click for more info

Eberhard Reyer leads a management buy-out, and continuous to manage the North American office successfully. The company┬┤s location stays in Charlotte NC, USA.

It now operates under the company name Lignum Consulting Inc.

Lignum Consulting Inc. and Lignum Consulting GmbH enter into a strategic alliance for mutual participation. 

1987 - click for more info

An Engineering and Consulting office was established in Charlotte NC, with Eberhard Reyer as the president, the company serves customers across the USA and Canada.