Costing Systems/ Controlling

Our planned cost calculation is a proven and optimized approach and benefits the action. This approach shows corporate planning in numbers that provide the required product calculation transparency as well cost tracking. It means that causes for profits and losses are visible at an early stage and can be used for the product and program optimization.

Project example 01

sales and cost accounting

Furniture company

The initial situation

During price negotiations, an entrepreneur often makes decisions based on gut feelings because he doesn´t knows his cost budgeting structure precisely or sufficiently enough.  Outdated data and figures are projected by using a percentage, but the calculation lacks clear sales planning and cost budgeting.

Our services

  • Established and implemented sales planning and cost budgeting
  • Determined and assessed planned year-end results
  • Determined cost unit rates (marginal cost) for the calculation

Clear goals

Transparent costs

The result

  • Establishment of year-end results in form of a plan
  • Plan data can be adjusted with actual data on a monthly basis
  • Corrective measures are immediately possible
  • Cost accounting and calculation made transparent
  • Marginal costs and contribution margins are available