Key Performance Indicators and Benchmarking

Achieving goals in real life and keeping track of the respective degree of target achievement requires adequate controlling with hard numbers. Performance measurements show past development and that is the ACTUAL method to reach the defined TARGET. Benchmarks and operational performance checks are available to ensure transparency for all stakeholders, and that is ultimately reflected in the income statement and balance sheet. 
Success is measurable. 
During critical deviations performance measurement systems are building the absolutely necessary early warning system that will ensure a timely intervention.

Project example 01

Fluctuating productivity

The initial situation

With irregular order intake, the productivity varied constantly but not the number of employees. The number of employee work hours should be adjusted to the degree of capacity utilization in the production line through a performance measurement system that is easy to maintain.

Our services

  • Compiling and analyzing the existing performance measurement system
  • Defining the relevant key performance indicators as well as the areas
  • Creating the appropriate tools/documents to record the necessary data
  • Evaluating the structure and presentation of the indicators


+5 %

Employees are driving key performance indicators

The result

  • Employees are driving key performance indicators and are maintaining them
  • Transparency for the workforce planning
  • Increase of productivity by 5 %
  • Efficient communication on management level