Material Yield Optimisation

When we conduct analyses of material efficiency, we consider the entire value chain. This starts with the design, procurement and logistics process, warehousing, manufacturing, assembly and customer service process as well as the use of by-products, remnants and waste. Cleaning, packing or relevant information processes are also to be included. With our industry know-how and over 30 successful projects in this tacking, we can show your company the way to reach this goal at any time. It is food to know: As we are authorized by demea up to 50 % of the incurred consultancy costs for an analysis can be covered through a subsidy.

Project example 01

Optimised material use

Kitchen furniture

The initial situation

Material prices are rising and resources become more scarce. Reason enough to review the use of the material on its efficiency. Subsidies of the German Federal Ministry of Economics will cover 50% of the fee.

Our services

  • Analyzed material flows
  • Identified sources for losses within process engineering, design or the organization
  • Evaluated the monetary loss
  • Established measures to reduce those losses

Edges (running metres)

-73 000 lfm

Oversprayed area

-10.5 %

The result

  • Trimmed timber excess lengths and edge widths 73,000 running meters (approximately € 11,000 per year)
  • Saved edge material
  • Optimized line design at the top
  • Reduced unnecessary space by 10,5% (approximately € 11,000 per year or 1,150 l varnish)
  • Further savings of approximately € 75,000 per year

Project example 02

Optimised leather cutting


The initial situation

Leather is one of the most valuable raw materials used for upholstery. Leather can account for up to 50 % of the productions costs. It is therefore predestined for a DEMEA project in order to review the use of the material. Proper nesting, cutting parameters and possible economies of scaling effect were reviewed with an optional summary. Efficient and gentle stacking to prevent rework plays also a crucial role.

Our services

  • Analyzed and optimized cutting and nesting processes
  • Analyzed system-specific (technical und human factors and gradually stopped errors
  • Tested and selected nesting alternatives and equipment technologies
  • Analyzed stored quantities

Yearly savings

€ 65,000

by thinning the sample collection

Material usage

€ -240,000

The result

  • Better utilization of material - approx. 3 percentage points (approximately € 240,000 per year)
  • Converted non-sellers to customized/individual products - and thinned with this approach the sample collection (approximately € 65,000 per year)
  • Reduced warehouse inventory