Plant Planning and Engineering

Only a keen business can be successful in the long run. Production processes are now subjected to constant change with corresponding consequences for the manufacturing facilities and the respective jobs because the market demands it. This requires often new planning, extension concepts or rescheduling of production facilities and equipment. We divide them into five phases:

  1. Initial phase
  2. Conception
  3. Planning
  4. Implementation
  5. Performance

This approach involves location regulations, layout planning, the facility concept according to TPM points of view, establishment of jobs according to the 5S-principles and the ramp-up management during the start-up of your plant. We evaluate each step under the viewpoints product/technology/layout/business administration/human resources and organization.

Project example 01

Plant relocation

Home furniture

The initial situation

Strong drop in sales, two production plants with almost identical machinery and increasing logistics expenses force the company to rethink. In the future, production should take place only at one location

Our services

  • Defining production organization and capacity planning
  • New machine concept with existing equipment and machinery
  • Plan layout for plant relocation
  • Introducing lean principles
  • Making changes without disrupting the production

Internal lead time

-50 %


+13 %

The result

  • Internal processing time cut in half from 20 days to 10 days
  • Material handling doubled
  • Reduced production area of 18,000 sqm to 10,000 sqm but with same turnover
  • Daily bulk instead of multi-day-bulk

Project example 02

Design of a highly flexible assembly

Kitchen furniture

The initial situation

The goal is clearly defined: Most modern kitchen manufacturing in Europe However, the way to meet this goal provides ample space - in matters of design and implementation as well as space requirements and budget.

Our services

  • Concept study and organization of the production
  • Calculating quality, quantity and timing
  • Layout planning and creation of specification sheets
  • Meetings with suppliers until contract award

Cycle time

<30 seconds

per body


1000 closets

on one line

The result

  • Investment over EUR 10 million
  • Production of 1000 upper, lower and overhead cabinets in a line on a daily basis
  • Process safety due to redundant lines
  • Robot feeding
  • Drilling and metal fitting in batch size 1
  • Fully automatic feeding of the components in a newly developed pressing concept
  • Cycle time per body under 30 sec.

Project example 03

Design of packing line

Unassembled furniture

The initial situation

With relocation of the plant, the entire production is revised. The goal is to increase the productivity, reduce the number of defective parts and improve ergonomics. Particularly the manual stacking of the packing line burdens the employees.

Our services

  • Concept study and organization of the production
  • Calculating quality, quantity and timing
  • Layout planning
  • Monitoring until production takeover

Consumer complaints

-12 %


+30 %

The result

  • Productivity increased by 30 %
  • Customer complaints reduced by 12 %
  • Work performance increased substantially through improved ergonomics
  • Stacking done by robots
  • Automatic feeding of the charge carriers
  • Integrated weighing unit
  • Dynamic shelf in which to sort material