Process Analysis and Optimisation

Successful companies respond to changing market conditions, increasing internationalization pressure and ever more specialized customer wishes with efficient and adjusted business processes. Here, we offer a quick analysis, customized solutions and are taking into account the specific characteristics as well as the practical implementation of the processes on-site.

Project example 01

Optimization of c-parts manufacturing

Furniture for young people

The initiale Situation

C-parts production will be expanded and optimized. With help of a transparent process the c-parts are to be produced on a daily basis and fully provided at the locations where needed.

Our services

  • Established lead times according to the supply type
  • Constructed staircase passage
  • Set up feedback organization
  • Established lock organization with deadline, quality and completeness monitoring
  • Developed and implemented layouts for production of c-parts
  • Visualized daily bulk
  • Defined organization for subsequent delivery
  • Active participation in the overall implementation

Internal reliable delivery

98.5 %

Subsequent delivery

-80 %

The result

  • Daily instead of weekly bulk
  • Capacity of the c-parts increased by 15 %
  • Subsequent delivery reduced by 80 %
  • Reliable delivery increased by 98.5 %
Gegenüberstellung Mengenbedarf Lagerreichweite
Gegenüberstellung Mengenbedarf Lagerreichweite

Project example 02

Order-related parts production

Office furniture

The initial situation

Increased customization and delivery requirements require a high level of transparency in the manufacture and delivery processes. Strictly job-related parts (pull principle) to reduce cycle times and increase productivity

Our services

  • Defined and described goals
  • Crated and organized projects
  • Designed an described process
  • Selected software
  • Specified necessary equipment and facilities

Lead time

-30 %

Warehouse inventory

-80 %


+25 %

The result

  • € 8.5 million invested
  • Reduced interim storage inventory by 80 %
  • Increased productivity by 20 %
  • Lead time reduced by 30 %

One can recognize transparency in all areas also by conducting a BEVOR and  AFTER comparison of the warehouse or storage facility.


Project example 03

Optimization of the manufacturing plant

Contract furniture

The initial situation

Due to extreme fluctuations of incoming orders, large amounts of inventory is produced and stored in intermediate storage facilities or in warehouses for finished products. Increasing sales require additional expensive warehouse space.

Our services

  • Process analysis from order to delivery
  • Development of smoothing capacity solutions


of the pull-principle

Storage space requirements

-30 %

The result

  • No additional storage area
  • Structured process from sales to delivery
  • Changed production layout
  • Introduced daily production after the pull-principle
  • Reduced material lead time
  • Improved personnel planning