Quality Management

High customer satisfaction and reliable delivery are today essential features for long-term success One crucial key to achieve this is the continuous improvement of product and process quality. We realize your quality goals with the pragmatic solutions of a 5-step approach:

  1. Actual analysis
  2. Development of a performance measurement system
  3. Introduction of QA control circuits
  4. Expansion of the system to the suppliers
  5. Widespread implementation throughout the company
  6. Creating a QM manual, possibly with instructions to obtain certification

This results in sustainable success for your company after a short time. It reduces errors and adds more value at the same time. In several projects, we were able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the gradual approach.

Project example 01

Optimization of quality

Kitchen furniture

The initial situation

A high rework rate in the area of high gloss varnish area results in a delayed delivery of the products to the order picking and packaging department. Process interruptions and significant productivity losses are the consequences. Undefined quality standards result in multiple tests.

Our services

  • Emergency spruceness measures (planned cleaning)
  • Introduced quality and performance indicators
  • Set up a testing area (reference location)
  • Defined relevant quality standards of the manufacturing steps (quality box) and provided training

Delivery reliability for packing

+28 %

Rework rate

-52 %

The result

  • Capture of key indicators through the team (reliable delivery to the assembly line and packing)
  • Introduction of quality checkpoints (interim control)
  • Delivery reliability to the order picking and packaging department increased by 65 % to more than 93 %
  • Sustainable reduction of the rework rate from over 60 % to less than 10 %