Interim Management

Do you want to ensure the successful implementation of a project, or is there a need to compensate short-term losses? No problem - our experienced specialists will step in right away and focus on the essentials.

Project example 01

Management on time

Home furniture

The initial situation

Due to strong activities by the competition, the company hat to deal with a tough situation. Its management was structurally and strategically no longer able to improve that situation effectively. In order to make it, the company had to react quickly and flexibly. With effective "time management", the company succeeded by making quickly and effectively a shift toward profitability. The daily operations were managed together with the local team. This was also necessary to rebuild the confidence of the shareholders, customers and employees. Based on the activities, the company┬┤s strategy was revised and implemented.

Our services

  • Operational leadership and management on-site
  • Building up confidence among customers and employees
  • Goals newly set and defined
  • Strategies newly defined and their implementation started
  • Employees worked 1 year one-site

Goal compliance for the customer

> 99 %


< 3 Months

The result

  • Turnaround after 3 months
  • Stability and confidence sustainably improved
  • Repositioning of the company
  • Succession management sustainably installed