Management Consulting

SUCCESS is efficient change

Successful companies avoid waste of any kind in all areas. They spread the risks and offer their customers always new and attractive products as well as services. They invest strategically and secure sustainable profits and sufficient liquidity by applying this method.


Company Analysis

Our depth of industry knowledge combined with our methodology allows as determining quickly the current situation of the company. Such an analysis shows the strength and the weakness and compared with industry benchmarks practical improvement steps and goals will be outlined and prioritized.


Turn Around Management

Market requirements and the vision of customers are constantly changing. That requires permanent adjustment of processes and cost structures. Particularly competencies in the areas of sectors and methods but also social skills are required for such profound adjustments. It is the only way to conduct restructuring that promises long-term success.

Sample of our Projects

01 Reorganisation




Strategic Development

Which strategy is best suited to achieve your business goals? With our expertise and our industry experience, we are making sure that we choose the right strategy from many strategy options available.


Production System Development

A production system is necessary to synchronize approaches, procedures, rules, and methods. This ensures that everyone pulls together and in the right direction. Thus, it serves as a guideline for daily work. At the same time, the production system is always a basis for employee trainings.

Together with our clients and their executives, we develop production systems that support the business objectives and ensure the achievement.


Example of a production system

Produktionssystem KVP



We know the requirements and the manufacturers in our relevant furniture markets. You can benefit from this experience. We help you to successfully market your products in these markets for fast success. Additionally, we will provide you with investment security - regardless whether you prefer local production with partners or if you are setting up your production site.


Competitor Analysis

Only someone who knows where he stands and where he wants to go can move in the right direction! Analysis and assessment of your company compared to the market competition is a prerequisite for a successful development. Basis of this analysis is a survey of the needs of the market and the company┬┤s own competencies. On this basis, we present measures for sustainable improvement of the competitive situation and assist you with their implementation.

Project example

01 Competition analysis

(Wood construction)