Competitor Analysis

Only someone who knows where he stands and where he wants to go can move in the right direction! Analysis and assessment of your company compared to the market competition is a prerequisite for a successful development. Basis of this analysis is a survey of the needs of the market and the company┬┤s own competencies. On this basis, we present measures for sustainable improvement of the competitive situation and assist you with their implementation.

Project example 01

Competition analysis

Wood construction

The initial situation

A strategically required decision to invest in a modern production plant was the reason for a competitive and market analysis in the field of the glue and timber construction.  It was necessary to be able to determine in advance and as thoroughly as possible the market conditions and influences on the investment and the portfolio of the company.  On the basis of the performed competitive analysis and market surveys, the scope for this investment was specified and designed. These preparatory tasks were essential for the investors in order to release financial resources, and it provided the shareholders with the security of a correct decision for the long-term future.

Our services

  • Defined goals and approach
  • Analyzed the competition
  • Evaluated and assessed competitors and the market
  • Elaborated and determined action areas from the analysis
  • Specified and designed the overall project
  • Created report and documentation
  • Communicated with investors and shareholders

Implemention period

<10 days

Factually and properly researched and interpreted

to the fullest extent

Trust to shareholders and investor

to the fullest extent

The result

  • Professional evaluation and analysis
  • Professional analysis of market and competition
  • Short implementation period
  • Results with long-term focus
  • Practical development with high professional relevance