Production System Development

A production system is necessary to synchronize approaches, procedures, rules, and methods. This ensures that everyone pulls together and in the right direction. Thus, it serves as a guideline for daily work. At the same time, the production system is always a basis for employee trainings.

Together with our clients and their executives, we develop production systems that support the business objectives and ensure the achievement.

There is no standard production system! Every business is different and that is exactly what we take into consideration and include in our deliberation.

At the beginning, you basically ask yourself the following questions:

• What are the goals we pursue with the production system?

• How and by which means are we able to achieve these goals?

• What requirements must be created?

• What are the methods we use for it?

• What is the people’s role in this system?

After answering these and other questions, a model can be developed, ideally in the form of an image which represents to everyone in a clear and comprehensible way the principles, methods and tools.

For a successful implementation, passion and an iron will are the most important factors. In this process particular importance goes to the management. It is responsible to support the evolution in this direction and to assist those responsible for the improvement process.

Lignum Consulting accompanies you not only in the design stage but especially during the implementation phase of the production system. Starting with the training of the managers, we then moderate the first pilot workshops and create a Kaizen organization, which guarantees that the dynamics of the change process remains on a high and stable level.

Together with you, we develop an audit system that enables you to check your organization continuously for stability and performance.

KVP kontinuierlicher Verbesserungsprozess