Turn Around Management

Market requirements and the vision of customers are constantly changing. That requires permanent adjustment of processes and cost structures. Particularly competencies in the areas of sectors and methods but also social skills are required for such profound adjustments. It is the only way to conduct restructuring that promises long-term success.

Project example 01



Initial situation

Due to the excellent quality produced and the corresponding good reputation in the market, the company steadily grew over the recent years. While the strategy focused on a continuous growth in revenue, the required adjustments to the production process and to the logistics were neglected. The company was in a transition phase from a small cabinet shop to an industrial size manufacturing facility.

Our work and services

  • Development of a implementation strategy
  • Development of process concepts and layouts
  • Project realisation support
  • Implementation of logistics-concepts
  • Introduction of lean manufacturing principles
  • Coaching and change management
  • Process stabilisation and optimisation using continuous improvement methods

Throughput time

-50 %

4 days instead of 8 days


-40 %

Space requirements

-16 %


+20 %

The outcome

  • Separation of value adding activities and logistics
  • Reduced internal lead-time by 4 days (-50 %)
  • Increased productivity by 20 %
  • Reduction of WIP by approx. 40 %
  • Increased motivation
  • Standardised processes
  • Repeatable and stable processes
  • 16 % gains in space utilisation