Time Management

Our extensive experience in the field of time management systems analysis is assisting us to evaluate such systems quickly and explain them to you. Our approach is expeditiously but also REFA-compliant.

Project example 01

Line balancing of an assembly line


The initial situation

Uneven work distribution, poor performance and apparent waste require a complete revision of the time allowance for the final assembly line.

Our services

  • Cycle analysis by determining the actual time
  • Determining the cycles and identification of the allocated time as basis for capacity planning
  • Separating added value and logistics
  • Reducing unproductive times


+17 %

Non-productive time

-28 %

The result

  • Nearly the same cycle times and work content for all assembly stations
  • Material provision separation of assembly operations
  • Optimized assembly and pre-assembly activities
  • JIT deployment of the assembly components
  • Reduction of the search time by 30 %
  • Production increased from 12 to 14 vehicles/shift with same manpower requirements

Project example 02

Planned times for furniture production


The initial situation

Planned times for the determination of the capacities and resources for the production of furniture parts should be simple, understandable and easy to maintain. In addition, they should be modular and representable within the system in order to respond quickly and reliably with product changes.

Our services

  • Placed all employees in the machine room on a time schedule
  • Recorded planned times in the PPS-systems
  • Coordinated measures with the works council and employees
  • Optimized processes at the workplace
  • Optimized material logistics and data availability

Increase of productivity

BY 5 - 10 %

Lead times

-20 %

The result

  • Machine room with 98 employees on a time schedule in 3 months
  • Increased productivity by 5 - 10 %
  • Reduced lead times by 20 %