Management of Product Variations

As much as necessary, as little as possible... Who follows this motto when designing a product range, establishes not just a consistent offer portfolio for its customers but also the least possible variety of parts and products. Through that method, we help to avoid complexity.

Project example 01

Reduction of variants

Residential and contract furniture

The initial situation

The market demands more than ever quality, individuality, flexibility, and adherence to delivery dates. A particular challenge is the contract business. Numerous individual customer requirements are making it complex and labor intensive. More important than ever: a strict variant management.

Our services

  • Analyzing products and the structure of parts
  • ABC-analysis
  • Construction manual: Design and documentation of grid, rules and standards
  • Staff training

Development time

-30 %


-30 %

The result

  • Inventories reduced by 30 %
  • Development time reduced by 30 %
  • Sustainable and long-term standards set