Standardisation of Construction Principles

Standards that developers must observe during the product development are a prerequisite for efficient and customized manufacturing of small or large quantities. In addition, design principles that take into account the existing manufacturing expertise must follow logic and are based on platform strategies.

Project example 01

Standardization of furniture construction

Recreational vehicles

The initial situation

The customization of travel furniture and caravan construction is an important success factor. Consequences are smaller production quantities, larger set-up times and an effort for more part manufacturing. Standardization within the vehicle and furniture construction should ensure long-term competitiveness.

Our Services

  • Adjusted number of variants
  • Standardized and established measurement and grid logics
  • Standardized details of the bracket and connecting technology
  • Modularized furniture construction.
  • Documented standards in a construction book


+18 %

Parts number/vehicle

-28 %

Manufacturing lead time

4 Days

instead of 5 days

The result

  • Lowered parts numbers pro vehicle from an average of 320 to 230
  • Increased productivity by 18 %
  • Manufacturing lead time from 5 to 4 days
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