Value Analysis

Value analysis is a method for the development and enhancement of products. The emphasis lies here on improving the products significantly by increasing their quality, and thus, raising the value of the products and minimizing the material and production costs at the same time.  We achieve this by eliminating costs and processes that are not necessary for the quality, usefulness, durability or the image of the furniture. In order to do this, we check the furniture on their improvement potential in terms of design and production.

Project example 01

Value Analysis

Office furniture

The initial situation

Enhancing functionality, improving quality, maintaining design language, and reducing production costs - these are the specifications for the model series development in the field of office furniture systems.

Our services

  • Comprehensive value analysis
  • Process-related product analysis
  • Construction-related product analysis
  • Identification of potential savings
  • Prototype construction and sampling
  • Creation of specification sheets and requirement profiles

Manufacturing costs reduced by

5 % - 20 %

Higher finctionality

The result

  • Manufacturing costs reduced by 5 - 20 %
  • Fewer processing steps
  • Higher functionality